Finally Doing The Right Thing

I see now my Mom was right in someways. I am leaving my intentions with God & working on recovering my health. Its time to lose 110 pounds & work on healing.

I couldn’t enjoy being rich,with the fine house,sports cars,or anything else,while I am sick & in pain everyday. I haven’t felt good in multiple ages. I’d be rich & confined to the house.

Finally I am doing the right thing. I still want all my ideals,my treasures,but I need my health restored & to lose 110 pounds. MAX APPRECIATION FOR LIFE & LIVING. I am blessed to be alive,blessed to work on recovery.



Author: dreamingisfreesite

I've been 30 years in The Laws Of Attraction. I study & use it. I suffer with extreme anxiety & depression. I do hope to someday teach The Laws Of Attraction.

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