Its Not Up To You

Its not our place to choose how our intentions come true. Goals are like magnets. They will attract what makes them come true. So then if I choose to receive $10,000,000.00…that’s my intention,my goal,& like a magnet,it will attract what makes it come true…whatever that might be.

I use my faith,I believe my Father wants me to have my goal,I know with Him all things is possible…& then,like a magnet,my goal attracts what will make it come true. All I need is my faith…and if its as small as a mustard seed,that’s enough to accomplish my intention,my goal…just like a magnet.

Please understand…the amount you want is NOT the same as a career you have also chose…or a business you want. They are not the same & not in the same boat. The career will attract what it needs & doesn’t depend on the amount you choose. The amount,like a magnet,attracts what it needs to manifest.

Remember,career or business is NOT under the amount. 1 is the amount & 2 is your chosen career. Different boats & each is attracting what it needs to manifest. You DO NOT pick a way to attract your amount. $10,000,000.00 USD will attract what it needs to manifest & does not consider the career or business you chose. It might & might not. Most like its going to surprise you in a wonderful way. Most likely it will arrive unexpectedly & be something you had never thought of.




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Gaining Brownie Points

Christians & Prosperity Preachers teach us to give…the 10 percent…a vow of faith…which I somehow don’t agree with. I think if we wish to give & make a vow of faith…its a good thing,but if we choose not,that’s also good. Its up to us.

When we are giving & paying that vow,to get what we want,its wrong. We shouldn’t have to earn or work for what we get. When that preacher is telling us we will not receive until we pay tithe or pay faithfully on a vow,he is sinning,he is in the wrong.

Why should we feel guilty for not tithing or paying on a vow? This can have us thinking we’re not receiving,because we are not giving. We think we’re cursed for not giving to some church or to a preacher. If I want to be financially blessed,healed,whatever,I must give. This is NOT the laws of attraction & its not God,your source,your Father. This is NOT how you receive what you want.

If I choose to give that is up to me. God loves a cheerful giver. He does NOT expect you to give everytime you have a need. So,if I don’t give,I will still receive what I needed,because I used my faith,I believed,& I trusted. So long as I have those 3…I will receive what I asked for. Giving my money has nothing to do with it & will not make my chances superior…won’t make me a VIP. Giving your money doesn’t make you better than he that does not give…& its not going to get what you want sooner. We tend to fall for that lie,don’t we?


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Grateful Beyond Words

I think when we finally get enough & go for it with all our being,that that’s when things change & manifestation happens. At the other house I broke on through & took the chance…I mean I broke on through for another house,a safe place to live. I knew there might be no chance in hell of reaching manifestation,but I took the chance…& it worked & we were given a new house. Its old,1914,but its clean & safe.

The other house was horrible…roaches,spiders,ants,flies,black mold,& a hosts of other creepy stuff. It wasn’t fit to live in. I nearly died in there. The bathroom floor was broken. I was sleeping on a broken bed & my son was sleeping on the couch. I can’t describe how horrible it was. There are no words for that. We lived there for 10 years. Its only by the grace of God we survived.

I remember that day…I told my son I was calling the landlord for another house. The landlord had already told us he wasn’t renting to us again. He blamed us because the kids in the neighborhood had wrecked the property & the house. I knew it was most likely a lost cause & I was wasting my time,but I took the chance…& another house was offered to us. It was a miracle & words can’t begin to express my gratitude.

At first we were offered a mobile home,which I didn’t like,but it was clean. That fell through & a house was offered. After seeing the house & knowing it was a 1914,we took it & have been here maybe 4 months. I am grateful for all 4 of us! Its a dream come true for us!


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Am I On The Right Path?

This guy is going to tell us if we are on the right path. This should be interesting. I’ve always wondered if I was on the right path. I want to know.

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Set Your Mind To Win

I have never won anything of value. I tried countless times. So then,here’s a video. Maybe I can set my mind to win.

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For Over 21 Miserable,Suffering Years

I’ve watch him love money with the deepest love. I’ve watched him use it as a weapon against my sons & me. I’ve watch him rip people apart over money. I’ve watched how he handles it like a lover. I’ve watched him go into violent rages over money. I have seen the deep hate he has for my sons & me,over money. He lives for it & loves it like the perfect lover. He would rip you apart over a dollar bill. I’ve watch how carefully he handles it & I’ve have watched him kiss it & say good bye to it. Its a love like no other & can never be replaced. He protects it,keeps it safe. He loves money far more than anyone else or any other thing. Its his god,his Jesus,his wife,its his everything. Its his highest priority. He lives for it,lust after it,dreams about it,& is always looking for more of it.


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Make You Own Gratitude Journal

I’ve probably mention this before,but here it is again. Yeah,its that important. I look back over my life & am filled with gratitude that I am alive. More times than I can remember I came close to death,but was saved by my Abba Daddy,God Himself. If it weren’t for Him I’d be dead.

By the grace & love of God,my 2 sons are alive & doing well. I shiver at what they did when away with friends,as children & teens. Oh,they told me all about their dangerous happenings out there. I am still shivering…& I am grateful with the depth of my being that they are alive & well. They are 20 & 25. Max GRATITUDE!

So anyway,make your own gratitude journal. Use it everyday & anytime.

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