Confused & Mad As Hell

I am clocking in at around 230 here at home…on a digital scales. At the doctors office I weigh in at 247. We were told to stop using scales. Some of us don’t listen. I’d like to go back to that mirror…the one that had me thinking thoughts that should be left alone. Maybe it […]

OMG I Am So Obese!

Took awhile to find obese pajamas for my obese body. What I got might be way to small for all this huge body! Maybe they don’t make a size for someone this damn HUGE. So there I stood by a mirror in Burkes…I looked & suddenly wanted to die! I’ve never ever been this obese […]

Attract Your Dream Home

Way before I had a computer I would use visualization to attract my dream home. It never worked for me. I attracted a decent house,but it was in the wrong state & wrong town & overwhelmed by enemies. Now we have vids to guide us.

Attract Mystery Money

If you don’t know how or where to attract money…use this vid & attract it out of the blue. Invite as much money as you want & allow it to show up in a way that’s best for you. Don’t use lottery,sweepstakes,a business…just open up to money coming to you…from whatever way it decides to […]

Become Rich Super Fast

Way back in my day we didn’t have these vids. We depended on reading & applying The Laws Of Attraction. It was a journal. Man,did it take forever…if we ever did become rich. We didn’t have the computer. It was rough & the only thing we knew. Yet,many men & women did become rich using […]