The Hardcore Challenge Of Losing Weight

I’m still struggling to lose,but my¬† diet went…well…yeah,right. So my menu this week is…eggs,turkey sausages,waffles,bagels,yogurt,cereal,diet milk…tasty,yummy,& that’s about it. There’s white bread…for toasts,grilled cheese,& egg toast. At least I am keeping down the calories. I do have the turkey breakfast bowls. Low fat foods are bland & boring. I’m not going to munch on rabbit food.

Today I will bring the griller into the dining room & set it up on the table. Yummy…omelets,egg sandwiches,sausages,grilled cheese sandwiches…good eating & low calories. Easy on the butter & no need for syrup.

I find the bagels & waffles are better without the cream cheese & syrup. They already have flavors. If you go nuts with cream cheese,syrup,& butter you can wreck a diet. Keeping your sugar low is important. You need to be aware of the sugar & salt. This will include the beverages. Do keep in mind…waffles & pancakes do have sugar…so don’t pig out on them. Salt will also be in some foods you didn’t know had it. So a part of the challenge is staying aware of calories,fat,sugar,& salt. Read the labels before buying.



Help With Adrenal Fatigue

With any luck at all…this is the help we’ve needed. I still believe its my adrenal that’s fatigued. Its the only thing that makes sense at all.

Chronic Anxiety & Depression Relief

Its all so sad that Chronic anxiety & depression tricks the mentally ill into suicide. It floods you with fear. Your thoughts are insane & are everywhere. Depression ignites. The worst case scenarios…the panic…the stress. You don’t know how to escape or ground yourself. It seems to be the end for you…no possible way out. Some choose suicide & others seriously consider it. All you want to do is stop the madness.

During these attacks you’re not looking for a way out…other than the unthinkable. This is why you need to set up what you will need when Chronic anxiety & depression come rushing in from out of the blue. If you use pills for it make sure you always have a supply. You might also like…

a journal for your thoughts & feelings

a Pray Rain Journal for your ideal life

meditation & self hypnosis for anxiety

The Laws Of Attraction For depression

Prayer & scriptures For Anxiety

Acupressure & EFT for depression



Talk to a parent or friend or spouse

or any other thing that can pull you through the anxiety & depression. Write down all the things in your life you are grateful for…try to write 40 things you are grateful for. Sing the 23 Psalms 6 or more times. Listen to a preacher you enjoy. The thing is to keep yourself busy until the attack has passed.



When Our Diet Fails…We Cheat

I was to big for the fast food booth. I was later to big to get out my car. I was pissed off! So,I went in Dollar General & I got brownies,oatmeal cakes,& chocolate chip cookies…& 2 mocha drinks. If you big & can’t lose it…CHEAT! No,don’t do that. I am a bad influence.

Let the truth be told…I don’t gorge. Those sweets are for my family & me. I got them for the family. Sure,I’ll have some. Its not a big deal. For lunch all I had was 3 waffles…without syrup. Man,those strawberry waffles are delicious!

The oatmeal cakes doesn’t have a lot of calories. The brownies have enough to blow a diet. I have no idea how much calories the cookies have. We’ll have the 3 until Wednesday. We don’t gorge on them. There is 3 of us. If my other son comes over he will probably take one.

They’ll hang around for maybe 5 days. We’re not big on sweets.


The Truth Hurts (Dieting)

I am finding it out & wishing to be wrong. The weight loss jewelry most likely doesn’t work. Its pretty & fun…& that’s as good as it gets. Use Acupressure…it works.

It would be delightful if we could kick back & munch on high fat,junk food,& those yummy sweets,while wearing the weight loss jewelry. I’m not saying they don’t work,but we might as well face it…eat plenty protein & a small amount of carbs…or whatever diet you choose…& work out daily.

Try weight loss meditation,self hypnosis,The Laws Of Attraction,& acupressure. These do work,but not enough to allow you to pig out on high fat food,the yummy sweets,& the junk. You fix what’s broken inside,heal your Chakras…yes,do the inner work…& that should be enough to start the weight loss & keep it going until your goal weight is reached.

Unless you heal what’s broken…you will continue to feed your emotions. You will medicate with food. Food will be the love you crave. It will be your parents…that love you never had…that best friend.

Unfortunately…that weight loss jewelry isn’t going to let you pig out. Wear it,sure,if you like,but there’s much more to losing weight. Do it right & it won’t be difficult.


Its Never As Bad As The Anxious Thoughts Claim

I’ve dreaded this day since yesterday. All those worst case scenarios,chronic worry,& unstoppable fear. I dreaded this day…Oh how I dreaded it.

While it came & the thing I greatly feared happened. I can’t believe how quick it happened & the way it was over so fast. Before I could go into worst case scenarios & be trampled by fear…it was over. I was stunned!

Sure,we none like it when those anxious thoughts,fears,& worries take us captive & everything goes insane. Its during these times when suicide or thoughts of it happens. Being 55 I’ve learned how much I want to live & be blessed. I want to escape…to feel peaceful & protected. I want to feel Jesus,to feel my God,my Father. Give me something to believe in.

I’ve learned there’s a place of safety & enjoyment after the storm…when its calm…you know…when the sun is shining & the sky is a lovely blue with fluffy white clouds. I look towards that…& it never fails to enrich my world.

It would be a shame to die in that crazy,insane storm. It never last. There will always be a day full of what I had wanted…a day full of smiles…a day filled with promise of the manifestation of what I had wanted…where dreams come true…the big ones & small ones.

Nothing is as bad as we think it will be. The storms come & go. Hold on tight when its storming…journal,meditate,self hypnosis,visualization,The Laws Of Attraction,prayer…whatever gets you through the storm. Its not going to rain forever.

Weight Loss Earrings Are Here

I have a set. I got em today. They fit snug on my ears. Its easy to lose them though. This is epic. I have a ring,bracelet,& anklet on the way. They are all weight loss products. I have the weight loss patches…& I got those today. We shall see if those groovy things works or not.

These cool products are like acupressure. I will wear them with pride,while on my diet & fitness routine.

I have 2 weight loss teas on the way. Its 28 bags each. I’ll have 1 for the morning & the other for evening.

I have my acupressure book for weight loss. I’m having my fun in losing weight. That’s how it should be. We should use our imagination,create,play,& have fun. We should pretend we are what we wish to be.